Spring Musical

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While every student has a place in the theatre arts program, we are dependent on our families for assistance in our fundraising efforts and support through your contributions. The Capistrano Unified School District is only able to support the theatre arts program by providing teacher’s salaries and facilities.

All contributions made to this program are greatly appreciated. Please note that contributions are voluntary and all students will be allowed to participate in our programs, regardless of whether a contribution is made.

The suggested tax-deductable donations are applied to the vast expenses for our award-winning productions, including but not limited to: costumes, specialized coaching, materials for sets, etc.

Spring Musical Cast List 2019

Benjy Stone – Carson Preusse

Alan Swann – Garrett Higgins

King Kaiser  – Hunter Keene

Alice Miller – Gianna Piva

K.C. Downing- Hannah Frank

Sy Benson – Will Vochelli

Herb Lee – Nick Werfelmann

Leo Silver – Kenton Swanson

Belle Carroca  – Macy Buckley

“Rookie” Carroca – Brandon Assaf

Tess – Brooke Semelsberger

Uncle Morty – John Arlotti

Aunt Sadie – Faith Moore

Daisy – Natalie Pappalardo

Doorman – Scott Davis

Floor Manager- Sammy Schwartz

Opera Diva – Lorelai Blau

Scungilli – Chris Ho

Princess – Montana Wood

Countess – Alexa Braddock

Roquefort – Max Vadas

Tess’s Friends- Amanda Shea,Mikayla Procter, Brayden Mattice

Dance Captains: 

Gianna Piva, Kellie Petrosian, Carson Preusse, Chris Ho

Maxwell House Girls – Carly Sherman, Kiana Diaz, Lorelai Blau, Camille Grochowski, Emma Engle, Parker Powers

Ensemble – Natalie Pappalardo,Sammy Schwartz, Josh Page, Jayden Goodman, Chris Ho, Kiana Diaz, Carly Sherman, Emily Carmichal, Lorelai Blau, Camille Grochowski, Alexa Braddock, Scott Davis, Sarah Selznick, Brooke Selmesberger, Kellie Petrosian, Emma Engle, Montana Wood, Talia Bernacchi, Sam Lapp, Max Vadas, Parker Powers, Jalen Brown, Cameron Messman, Daylene Higgins, Eli Giles, Mikayla Procter, Alex Lee, Amanda Shea, Bridget Palmer, Bella De Marco, Brayden Mattice