Fall Play

NOVEMBER 14-17, 2018

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Fall Play Cast – The Three Musketeers by Ken Ludwig

D’Artagnan                 Carson Preusse

Athos                          Josh Page

Porthos                        Alex Davies-Morris

Aramis                        Chris Ho

Cardinal Richilieu       Luca DeMarco

Rochefort                    Max Vadas

Stanley                        Cameron Messman

King Lous XIII           Andrew Green

D’s Father                   John Arlotti

Basille                         Delaney Toler

Lead Bar Singer          Kenton Swanson

Fache                           Kelly Petrosian

Treville                        Gavin Marrow

Duke of Buckingham  Cole Shoemaker

Ravanche                    Luke Schoettger

Ruffian/Bar patron      Max Guererro

Innkeeper                    Brooke Semelsberger

DeBris                         Emily Carmichael

Sabine                         Gianna Piva

Milady                         Natalie Pappalardo

Old Woman                Sawyer Slocum

Constance                   Sammy Schwartz

Adele                          Hannah Frank

Queen Anne                Alexa/ Montana

D’s Mother                 Olivia Zapotney

Elise                            Kiana Diaz

Mother Superior          Faith Moore

Abbess                        Tiffany Esparza

Sister (nun)                 Fiona Meehan

Servant                       Nick Werfelman

Ensemble         Alex Lee, Yenni Luu, MacKenzie Madewell, Emma Engle, Allie Sahargun

While every student has a place in the theatre arts program, we are dependent on our families for assistance in our fundraising efforts and support through your contributions. The Capistrano Unified School District is only able to support the theatre arts program by providing teacher’s salaries and facilities.

All contributions made to this program are greatly appreciated. Please note that contributions are voluntary and all students will be allowed to participate in our programs, regardless of whether a contribution is made.

The suggested tax-deductable donations are applied to the vast expenses for our award-winning productions, including but not limited to: costumes, specialized coaching, materials for sets, etc.