Drama Club



Thank you to all who turned in applications for and ran for positions.

***Students and parents: Please be mindful and respectful when posting on social media, texting, and talking to other students and parents. Your text messages and social media posts do not remain private. Let’s support each other, build a great ensemble that will create a great department, and be kind with our thoughts and words. Every student is awesome regardless of the lists. 

Drama Club Executive Board 2020-2021

President- Caitlyn Wilt
Vice President- Amanda Shea
Secretary- Cameron Messman
Treasurer- Christina Mueller
Activities Director- Bella De Marco
Clerk- Allison Bierman  

Set Musical– Brenna Alexander and Sydney Prizer 

Clerk- Allison Bierman 

Marketing Director- Alex Lee

Photo Historian- Sarah Carmichall 

Video Historian- Sara Hosn and Max Vadas (yes, there was an exact tie)

Stage Manager- Hannah Pendleton 

Thank you to all who turned in applications for and ran for positions. 

Crew Leads 2020-2021

Stage Management Team- Hannah Pendleton, Jessica Nero, Mia Segundo, and Leyla Kondori 

Shop Foreman- Mia Segundo 

Assistant Technical Director– Brenna Alexander 

Props- Regan Wood

Costumes- Aubrey Brown 

Lighting- Maya Shomaker

Paint- Melena Martinez and Lana Moussa 

Sound- John Arlotti 

Hair and Makeup- Daylene Higgins Assistant: Caitlin Kampff 

Dramaturgy- Abby Baytieh

Publicity- Kendall Wood and Mikayla Procter 

Maintenance- Luke Schoettger 

House- Gigi Mordock, Elinor Roach, and Paige Castro

Designers 2020-2021

Lighting- Max Guerrero and Maya Shomaker

Sound- John Arlotti

Costumes- Aubrey Brown and Sarah Carmichall 

Hair and Makeup- Daylene Higgins and Amanda Shea 

Props- Katey Lansford and Regan Wood 

Set Play- Caitlyn Wilt, Jessica Nero, and Mia Segundo 

Set Play- Sara Hosn and Allie Bierman 

Set Musical– Brenna Alexander and Sydney Prizer