What is it? Tesoro Theatre Arts provides the conservatory to serious performing arts students who wish to pursue a career or collegiate training in the performing arts.

What are the conservatory majors? Theatre, Musical Theatre, and Technical Theatre. 

What does it require? Like majoring in college, the students are required to complete a certain amount of classes before they graduate, as well as meet discipline specific benchmarks in their growth through the program. These benchmarks can include but are not limited to: outside auditions, learned skills, volunteer commitments, and participation in after school productions. It also includes GPA and citizenship requirements. Each discipline has its own set of requirements. Conservatory students must apply at the start of their sophomore year, jury at the end of their sophomore year, as well as jury at the middle and end of their junior year, and middle of senior year. Performing arts faculty will conduct the juries.

What are the benefits of joining the conservatory? Conservatory students receive:

  • A seal on their graduation diploma
  • Access to additional competitions, master classes, and workshops
  • Have first choice for some competitions and festivals
  • Experience “real world” audition practice and scenarios
  • Information regarding scholarships competitions, and outside auditions

How do I learn more? You can e-mail an instructor, or set up a meeting with them in person. If you are interested in a conservatory program please e-mail the following: